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      Auch von meiner Seite herzliches Beileid!

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      Nachdem ich die letzte Zeit eher inaktiv geworden bin, hat mich die Ankündigung der Clans heute morgen doch etwas aus dem MWO Tiefschlaf geweckt.

      Ich zähle mich mal zu der Fraktion abwarten ;-)

      Clan Tech gehört zu MWO, aber Community Warfare ist meiner Meinung nach auf jeden Fall wichtiger als zusätzliche Mechs - da die Motivation immer noch Mechs zu leveln nicht gerade "abhängig" macht ;-)

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      Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

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      Das Angebot ist gut und wenn Sie so das Geld erhalten, die wirklich wichtigen Änderungen zu implementiren um so besser!

    • Bullvark hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mal ne Frage !" geschrieben. 03.05.2013

      Ich bleibe der Garde treu!

      Das schöne an F2P spielen ist ja, das man Sie auch mal "reifen" lassen kann, ohne Reue!
      Im Moment spiele ich vielleicht einen Abend die Woche um nicht einzurosten, aber die Bugs können einem schon den Abend versauen!

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      Viel Sapß!

    • Bullvark hat einen neuen Beitrag "Patch Notes April 16th, 2013" geschrieben. 16.04.2013

      - Fixed an issue where certain users were getting random graphical corruption in the HUD (lots of multi colored polygons).

      Ich hab erst gestern meinen Grafiktreiber gewechselt *gnarf*

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      Aber man kann den Devs zu guts halten, das die Bezahl-Modelle nicht over-powered sind (zumindest der Commando nicht)

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      Sorry, hatte nur ne Edith gemacht - es läuft wieder annehmbar!

    • Bullvark hat einen neuen Beitrag "ECM 4th Dezember" geschrieben. 04.12.2012

      Kurzes Update von den Devs zur Performance - sieht so aus als ob ich weiter auf der "Ersatz-Bank" bleibe

      Edit: Das Spiel ist wieder spielbar für mich!

      Performance Update

      We know that performance slowly declined for a number of users to the point of becoming unplayable in recent patches, obviously we’ve been progressively adding content and features to the game and we’ve also been trying to keep performance in a playable state but clearly we haven’t done enough and need to do better. We’ve been going over all the games systems in detail and building a complete picture of where the key costs for MWO lie and how we can work to improve them and I wanted to share our findings so far with you.


      As I’ve mentioned in other posts MWO does not have a cheap HUD it contains a lot of detail and we always planned to have Scaleform 4.0 as part of the CryEngine 3.4 update which is much more optimal than the version currently in MWO. Sadly this integration did not come as part of the 3.4 update, so we are now taking the time to make the HUD more optimal until such time as we can upgrade MWO to the latest version. A minor improvement goes out today which was a bug fix for an issue that was causing the cockpit monitors to use more draw calls than necessary.


      The levels were created with performance in mind but not as the primary goal and visual quality was more important to us initially. Each level is now getting a cleanup pass and the changes will roll out in upcoming patches all of them should be done by early in the New Year. This work has already been making its way to production Forest Colony and Frozen City are already done and other maps are coming down the pipe, part of the reason the full impact hasn’t been felt yet is the costs in the HUD and in the Terrain.


      We’ve been looking more closely at the Terrain code in 3.4 and noticing that it is generally responsible for much of the streaming/hitching happening in game. We are working to tune it for min spec machines; this work should help all platforms feel generally ‘smoother’ in terms of performance. There were also a few regressions caused by a cleanup pass that happened a few weeks ago which have been caught and re-exported correctly that go out on production today.

      Ray Traces

      Mechs sure can fire a lot of lasers and also use ray traces for range finding, tagging etc. These can add up fast especially on a Swayback, we’ve recently done some work to reduce the amount used where possible and to optimize the underlying system to make it faster which should be making its way to production in the next couple of weeks.


      We’ve also recently done some audio cleanup passes that should help performance that go out in today’s patch.


      CryEngine 3.4 was a great update for us and lays the groundwork for many good things to come, but it also set back some earlier optimization work. There are no more planned updates in the foreseeable future so the community should feel reassured that stability and performance will both continue to improve from here forwards and remain a high priority for us here at PGI.

      We’ve also significantly tightened up on our process for internal performance testing of upcoming builds to ensure builds don’t go out with any significant performance regressions. We appreciate that there are some outstanding performance issues awaiting fixes on production 4fps bug and degradation over time, we continue to actively track these and work with the community to help resolve them.

      Starting today we hope you will experience some improvement in today’s build with a much more significant improvement in the following build that we hope will bring us much more in line with where performance was earlier in closed beta and then only ever the same or better from there.

      As always we thank you for your support and patience and hope to see you on the Battlefield.

    • Bullvark hat einen neuen Beitrag "Patchday 20.11.2012" geschrieben. 24.11.2012

      Was ich im Moment so schade finde, bezüglich der Performance Probleme - ist der Fakt das ich mit meinem System

      Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8200 @ 2.66GHz (2 CPUs)
      Memory: 4096MB RAM
      Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6850 mit 2GB

      das Spiel bis zum Patch wunderbar spielen konnte und dies jetzt einfach nicht mehr der Fall ist.

      Meiner Meinung nach muss bei einem F2P-Spiel die Performance auch auf einem "schwachen" System stimmen um so wenig Kunden wie möglich auszusperren.

      Sind nur meine 2 Kohlestücken ;-)



    • Bullvark hat einen neuen Beitrag "Patchday 20.11.2012" geschrieben. 22.11.2012

      Kurz der aktuelle Stand zu den Performance "Veränderungen":


      In Topic: Performance Feedback [Merged] by Matthew Craig
      Today, 06:17 PM
      I just wanted to post an update for the community so far our investigation has shown that it seems the performance issues for this patch are most noticeable to users who had borderline frame rates already i.e. min spec users.

      Currently it appears to be a combination of more expensive in game HUD operations the HUD uses ActionScript which appears to be causing some hot spots that are more noticeable on weaker cpus, we're working to isolate and optimize these areas and potentially also in game streaming.

      The in game streaming again appears to be hurting lower end machines much more than higher end machines, we're still investigating but I wanted to post an update on what we've found so far.

      In Topic: Performance Feedback [Merged]
      Today, 07:01 PM
      Yeah sorry to say for now changing your settings from high to low isn't going to help much the cost of the UI isn't controlled through them nor is streaming. The reason the GPU is running so low is the more CPU bound the game the more the GPU is starved for data.


      The HUD has been getting progressively more complex as each new feature comes online, the good news is the complexity is pretty much all there now, so we should have peaked in the expense of it and as mentioned are working to optimize what is there. This is part of the reason performance has degraded to this point and will not be the case beyond this.



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