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      [quote name='InnerSphereNews' timestamp='1365166802' post='2190990']

      Greetings, MechWarriors!

      This weekend we have a whole ton of offers, sales, deals, steals, for reals! We heard you liked Premium Time, so we put it on sale! More Awesomes is more awesome, so we made the 8V 30% off the [MC] cost! In honour of this being 3050 and all, check the 3050 Hologram! Want more C-Bills from your Founders Mech? We've increased the bonus to 50%! Like Hero Mechs C-Bill boost? How about we increase that to 50% too? What are all the numbers, exactly? Why, these:

      30 Day Premium Time - 30% off - was 2500 [MC] NOW 1750 [MC]
      Awesome AWS-8V - 30% off - was 2630 [MC] NOW 1841 [MC]
      Cockpit Item: 3050 Hologram - 50 [MC] - Back for this weekend only!
      Founder Mechs 50% C-bill boost (Increased from 25%)
      Hero Mechs 50% C-bill boost (Increased from 30%)

      When, exactly is this happening? Why, it will be:

      Friday April 5th 10:00am PDT to Tuesday April 9th 10:00am PDT

      So be sure to check it out, and we look forward to seeing you on the field!



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      PGI sucht nicht umsonst 50 Mann Verstärkung für ihr Team.

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      "Offiziere der Cerberus Garde [CG] stellen beim Rekrut Dragoon1306 das unerlaubte fernbleiben von der Truppe fest.
      Es liegen der Einheitsführung der Cerberus Garde keine Hinweise, Begründungen oder Entschuldigungen vor, die ein fernbleiben des Rekruten rechtfertigen. Daher wird die Vollmitgliedschaft des Rekruten Dragoon1306 hiermit abgelehnt. Die Bereinigung in der Aufstellung folgt in den nächsten Tagen.
      Das beenden des Vertragsverhältnisses erfolgt ohne weitere Begründung und ohne jegliche Bewertung, die einer späteren Bewerbung im Wege steht.
      Eine erneute Prüfung einer Aufnahme nach den dann geltenden Regelns ist jedoch zu beachten."

      gez. BRAVE

      i.A. Fanatic

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      "Offiziere der Cerberus Garde [CG] stellen beim Rekrut Chrysis das unerlaubte fernbleiben von der Truppe fest.
      Es liegen der Einheitsführung der Cerberus Garde keine Hinweise, Begründungen oder Entschuldigungen vor, die ein fernbleiben des Rekruten rechtfertigen. Daher wird die Vollmitgliedschaft des Rekruten Chrysis hiermit abgelehnt. Die Bereinigung in der Aufstellung folgt in den nächsten Tagen.
      Das beenden des Vertragsverhältnisses erfolgt ohne weitere Begründung und ohne jegliche Bewertung, die einer späteren Bewerbung im Wege steht.
      Eine erneute Prüfung einer Aufnahme nach den dann geltenden Regelns ist jedoch zu beachten."

      gez. BRAVE

      i.A. Fanatic

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      Dann mal ein Willkommen in der Garde!

      Und wenn noch nicht gelesen dann -> Bitte Lesen - Rekruten Leitfaden und Vollmitgliedschaft

      Zugangsdaten für TS erhälst du per PN (oben rechts blinkendes grünes Licht)

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      Bryan Ekman ‏@bryanekman 10h

      Wow. Who would have thought! A pink mech shatters sales records! Can't wait to patch up and jump into #mwo

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      Ask the Devs #34 http://mwomercs.com/forums/topic/107281-...evs-34-answers/

      Community Consolidated Question 1: You mentioned that there were no plans to turn off in-game chat. Could you please clarify as to whether or not we will ever be able to mute other players? Are there any plans to add chat language filtering, blocking, and the ability to report players in chat?

      A: There are no plans to allow text mute or block other players at this time. We are looking at ways to filter inappropriate language; however, it is a lower priority as it is easily circumvented. We do plan to add report-a-player functionality.

      Community Consolidated Question 2: The recent tournaments have been solo. Will there be tournaments in the future where we can play in a group? Will there ever be an ability to challenge other player(s) directly?

      A: Yes we plan to add official team tournaments. The functionality is currently not ready and will most likely come online with our upcoming lobby functionality.

      Community Consolidated Question 3: What are you doing to combat aimbots/hacking/removing map assets?

      A: We have telemetry currently tracking all of the major cheats. We have a selection of fixes coming in during the next 6 months to address the largest offenders. As for removing maps, we have two changes. One locks a player’s `Mech in a match until it concludes, and we will be doing a verification scan during the patcher. These will help to minimize and finally remove the ability to remove assets from the PAK files.

      Community Consolidated Question 4: Will we ever be able to purchase CBills with MC? Or purchase expensive items like engines with MC?

      A: We have discussed adding this functionality; no decisions have been made either way. And yes we are looking at adding MC items. We have a full design for the later, however, it is too early to discuss details.

      Community Consolidated Question 5: Currently some of us are finding it difficult to determine when missile doors are open/closed. Are there plans to change this to an icon indicator instead?

      A: We can look into it. No plans to change how it works currently.

      Community Consolidated Question 6: What point in the timeline will CW be implemented? Will time be rolled back?

      A: CW will begin rolling out in May and through to the fall. We do not plan to roll back the timeline.

      `Mech's and Mechbay

      Vyrus: What the status on the other mechs in the concept art area? Will we see the Orion, Flea, and Blackjack soon?

      A: They are scheduled to come out in the next few months.

      Norris J Packard: Is there any chance that we will see variants introduced in 3050 added to the game? Such as the Atlas-S, the Jenner-C, etc.

      A: From time to time we plan to review the currently available variants and add them.

      NiteCrawler: Will there be a change on reachable speed if a Tonnage on a 'Mech is not filled?
      (Example: Atlas 95 out of 100 Tonnes = Increased Max speed)

      A: Not currently.

      Slashmckill: Are we ever going to see an expansion on the quirk system to make certain mechs or mech variants much more unique besides the normal turn speed, engine rating, acceleration etc.? If so would we see more unique stuff on mechs like maybe iconic weapons locked into a hard-point on different mechs/variants or perhaps certain mechs/variants getting more armor in logical locations like the hunch of a hunchback or the left shield arm of a centurion? (the list goes on)

      A: These would fall into custom variants, and yes.

      Hobo Dan: Will we eventually be able to better organize our mech bay? I'd like to be able to sort by: weight, Hero, favorite, etc.

      A: Improvements to sorting will come with UI 2.0. This functionality will be available to almost any form of list.

      Zin: When you will change hitboxes for raven model? Also can we get information is his proportions correct ?

      A: Proportions are correct. Hit box changes come online in the March 19th patch.

      mekabuser: I love my mechs.. I wanna see them.. can we get a zoom feature in the mechlab when applying paint and camouflage? Can we also increase the size of the ready mech window substantially when you make the adjustment that reflects the paint job we have given them?

      A: New camera controls will be available with UI 2.0.

      ShamaelTheFallen: Will we see mechs that are widely spread but only have 1 configuration like the griffin?

      A: We generally stay away from `Mechs that do not have at least 3 reasonable variants.

      NamesAreStupid: Will the new UI include the ability to rearrange our mechs?

      A: Yes.

      Cockpit, HUD & Customizations

      Adridos: Are we ever going to see something on the cockpit screens of various mechs? It seems like a waste of potential to ride around in a Trebuchet with so many screens, only to have all repeat the same message.

      A: We’re not happy with how the screens appear and are looking for ways to improve them.

      slash b slash: Will there be an ashtray with smoking cigarette cockpit item?

      A: Anything is possible.

      Boulangerie: Why is it easier to see the loadout of enemy mechs than Teammates? I am able to target enemies and see what they are carrying, but unable to gain info on my own team. Would it be possible to utilize some of the "Error Message" Screens in my mech to see the loadouts of friendly mechs?

      A: Players will be able to see friendly loadouts in a future patch.

      HugoStiglitz: Last Ask the Devs mentioned purchasable kits that effected the model of mechs. So when will I be able to put a top hat on my Atlas so I can kill in style?

      A: No ETA yet. No work has been done to support this feature at this time.

      Polleys: In a previous ask the devs, you mentioned we would soon be able to paint hero 'mechs. Will we also be able to paint our founders 'mechs?

      A: You can already. You are able to change the pin stripping. There has also been talk about tweaking the textures internally to support more colors.

      Butane9000: Why has no new mechs/content been announced since December?

      A: Plenty of content has been announced since then. We are holding back `Mech announcements to create space for some upcoming <redacted>.

      Zoughtbaj: Have you considered either lowering the three mech requirement for pilot unlocks, or creating new varients yourself, in order to allow more mechs into the game? I ask this because some mechs, like the Mauler, are pretty darn iconic and fan favorite for a number of players, but are limited by timeline varients, and it would seem that the only way to introduce them would be to either wait 10 years, or do something I mentioned in my question.

      A: We have no plans to change the current Elite and Mastering system. We have lots of content in the current timeline, too much in fact. Once we get through the Clan Invasion we can assess other timeline options.

      Bors Mistral: Will you make it so that pressing Q also shows names over teammates visible on the "radar", not just those in sight ?

      A: I’ll see if something like this can be added.

      Source Control: Can we have the targeted Mech also show up highlighted on the mini-map like MW4 did? In MW4 it appeared as a BOLD red arrow on the mini-map. This made it much easier to tell which enemy is targeted and where they are in proximity to us.

      A: It’s possible.

      Peter von Danzig: Any plans that there will be a weapon door symbol in the HUD/a revised HUD color scheme? It's hard to distinguish between a pale green light and a pale yellow light.

      A: Possibly.

      Weapons & Loadouts

      FrostCollar: There are a number of weapons that fit into the timeline but are not in game, including binary lasers, mech mortars, Arrow IV missiles, etc. Without having to get into details, are there currently any plans to introduce more types of Inner Sphere weaponry?

      A: Yes, generally when we add a BattleMech that carries the aforementioned equipment.

      Grimm Peaper: Will we see an assault mech capable of mounting dual ac20's soon? Or is this a concious design decision to omit them?

      A: Definitely not a conscious decision. We pick BattleMechs based on a variety of reasons, including the number of variants, role, and difference from currently released `Mechs.

      stjobe: Every ballistic weapon has had about a 50% increase in damage per ton of ammo, except for the MG, which got an 80% decrease in damage per ton of ammo. What was the reasoning behind treating the Machine Gun differently from all other weapons in the conversion from BattleTech to MWO?

      A: We don’t have a standard conversion rule of thumb. We asses each weapon, how it’s being used, what the desired role we want for MWO, and tune it accordingly. With each new `Mech we add, or new feature, we have to reevaluate the performance of every weapon.

      Royalewithcheese: After the ECM tweaks, what's the next step for information warfare?

      A: We’re looking at adding more modules and consumables, along with more BattleGrid and commander options.

      Lord Ikka: Will the future Consumables follow the mode of the current ones in reference to the c-bill versions balancing the MC versions via GXP?

      A: That is the plan currently.

      Nunspa: Can we get TAG to work like a toggle switch? '

      A: I’ll bring it up.

      Paul Crux: In regards to Chain Fire is there a chance that we will see more customization so that we can increase or decrease the speed of which the fire sequence goes? If not will it be arraigned so that, for example, chained fired ac/2s will actually fire at a more rapid rate making it more comparable to the same weapons fired as a single shot?

      A: No plans to support this currently.

      Pando: Will we ever see "Longbow" coupled with "Arrow IV?"

      A: Hmm Unseen. No comment. Arrow IV, eventually if it fits within our scope.

      Weaselball: Any changes for the UAC5 coming soon? I remember a discussion about it a month or so ago where some Dev's mentioned ideas were being kicked around. Anything come out of that that you can share with us?

      A: Not currently, but we always revisit each weapon from time to time.

      Theevenger: Will there be any changes to the new laser recharge sound?

      A: Probable.

      Eddrick: Will Critical Slot splitting for large weapons ever be allowed?

      A: Most likely not, since it would create many balancing edge cases.

      Redshift2k5: What variants can we expect to see for the Flea, Blackjack, Orion, Highlander?

      A: Our policy is not to announce details on upcoming BattleMechs until they have are very close to going live.

      Team Leader: Will we ever have functioning lights (flashing, directed, area, infrared for night vision) that you can mount on mechs (searchlights, white lights, colored lights)?

      A: We do not have any plans to add these at this time.

      Zyllos: With many discussions on convergence of weaponry, has there been any discussions on why/why not more variability should be added to weapon fire, thus spreading the damage more across a target?

      A: We’ve removed randomness from weapon firing in favor of skill.

      Rathmere: The inclusion of HSR in the last patch has been awesome, being in Australia the high pings always used to cause problems. Will these improvements be transferred to other weapons anytime soon?

      A: We continue to work on ballistics and missiles, both of which will see HSR improvements in the coming months. Ballistics, due to their travel-over-time nature, require more development time to perfect.

      Lubalin: How soon do you plan to make changes to ECM, after the official feedback thread and upcoming command chair post?

      A: At least 4 weeks before any changes will be seen.

      Merchant: Are there plans to improve the Command Console beyond just allowing an additional module slot for 3 tons?

      A: Yes, however we do not have a final design.

      Beadhanger: Is it possible for you to give us a "strip"-button in the mechlab? its quite annoying that you have to do it bit by bit everytime you want to try out a new build ...it would also be nice to be able to save your working mechlayout to the mechlab...

      A: Yes. With UI 2.0.


      Zerberus: Will we ever see AirMechs/LAMs? Either to play or just as folly in the environment flying by?

      A: No.

      Prosperity Park: Thermal Vision was often referred to as "Long-Range Vision" by the Community, and the changes presented by the Dev Staff are reducing the function of Thermal to more of a medium-range vision mode. How has this affected the way in-house games are being played on maps with very poor base-visibility, such as Frozen City (Day) and River City (Night)?

      A: It has helped to reduce thermal as the defacto standard way to find enemies outside of radar range.

      deadeye mcduck: Will there be future tournaments for 4 or 8 man teams? As there is a need to promote team play more.

      A: Yes. No ETA when though.

      ReaverLord: Will there be plans for users to be able to contribute content to the game via MC or contributions? Similar to other games of user created custom content by working with the developers for balanced or flair items? For example, a users created hero mech or have a hero mech named after a user? Or have a camo pattern named for a user?

      A: Eventually we would like to do this. It’s an incredibly complex system. Think job, pay, insurance, tax collection, revenue sharing, auditing, copyrights, delivery mechanism etc.

      Zeno Scarborough: Can you update/expand your features/content roadmap?

      A: It’s deprecated in favor of the monthly update.

      Sleipnir: In your opinion: how well is the game progressing according to your goals; and what (if anything) do you feel is key to maintaining/increasing momentum moving forward?

      A: We are very happy with MWO so far. Continued refinement to our existing systems, UI 2.0 and CW are key to building momentum.

      Arcadinal: Can an option be added to the graphics settings to disable shadows completely in order to improve performance?

      A: Maybe.

      StalaggtIKE: Is passive/active radar still planned, as stated in Developer Q&A3 - Information Warfare, and if so, how will it function?

      A: Yes it’s still planned, no details yet.

      Maverick01: According to Garth (Ask the Devs 22), he mentioned that windshield effects (such as cracks from damage and rain/snow bad weather effects) were already being worked on back in Oct 22. Can you give us an update on this feature or when it will be implemented?

      A: It’s a low priority, and keeps getting pushed back in favor of other optimizations and tweaks (such the new night vision and thermal vision modes).

      Kageru Ikazuchi: Are there any plans for a downloadable manual that we could print out and give to prospective new players?

      A: I’ll see what we can do. There is a printable card here: http://static.mwomer...me/controls.png

      jay35: Will you provide players a way to filter Map Size (functioning just like the Game Mode filter - dropdown with choices: Small, Medium, Large, All)?

      A: No, but see my post below about lobby and map selections.

      GaiDaigouji: Does the team have any bugs that they were tempted to leave alone just because they thought they were funny or looked cool? Are there any favorites?

      A: I’ll have to ask them. Not off the top of my head though.

      sevjin: Are there plans of exposing user statistics data via an web interface?

      A: Yes, but not in the short term.

      Zweistein: Are there plans to freeze or rollback the timeline by a year to allow more time to properly incorporate clan mechs?

      A: None.

      Thorqemada: What happened to the daily ISN News and occasional Lore?

      A: They will be making a comeback soon.

      Corralis: We know you have already stated that the Clans will be coming sometime after Community Warfare starts (date unknown) but can you tell us which part of the timeline you are expecting to be bringing clan units into the game?

      A: I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

      9erRed: What would need to be received from PGI to allow for your "Artwork" to be reproduced on nonprofit merchandise. Similar to the tile prints that were done and sent to PGI. (maybe printed mousepad, or T-shirt logo, or baseball cap logo?) I do remember something was said quite awhile ago about you (PGI) looking into this option of your licensing, as part of the online store, is that still an ongoing process?

      A: We have looked into merchandising, eventually we’ll get there. As for “free” stuff, my lawyer will tell me to say please don’t.

      Seox: When will support for TrackIR be looked at?

      A: It’s not used by a lot of players, so we haven’t prioritized it super high. Matt has done some work on it, no ETA on a release.

      Irvine: HI, any ETA on integrated comms? Haven't heard alot about it in a while.

      A: I would hope to see it around Community Warfare. However, we find most players still prefer to use their own VOIP solutions.


      NKAc Street: In #33 an answer to a private match making question was "yes, but not like most people think" can you elaborate more on your design intention for private match making?

      A: Not quite yet. There will be a CC post when we have a final design.

      SgtKinCaiD: Can we have a command chair post that explain CLEARLY your statement on the regional server matter ?

      A: Sure, when we have a final direction. For now it’s pretty straightforward. Each region will have their own MWO server(s). Most players can create accounts on each server. Some regions will be locked and only available to players located in said region. There will most likely be no central account concept, where you are able to select the region you want to play in. That’s the super quick high level.

      Thontor: Would you consider making the combined chance of a map or it's variant being selected for a match the same as a the chance a map without a variant is selected?

      A: Every map has an equal chance to show up. However we have recently skewed the randomness towards newer content, such as Alpine or Desert. Eventually players will be able to influence their selection through a voting mechanic in the lobby.

      SnakeTheFox: Is the inability to rejoin matches after a crash or disconnect being looked into?

      A: Yes, we are working on a solution.

      Naitsirch: Will there be a no-premade / solo-drop mode or not.

      A: We’re looking at it. Currently most MWO players actually play in groups.

      Lentil: Have you considered separate ELO scores for when you're grouped vs. not?

      A: Yes. We are reviewing this now.

      Treckin: Would you consider please allowing mech selection AFTER map selection?

      A: Yes, with pre-lobby system. However you will most likely be bound to a weight class. ie) 55 ton `Mechs only for the specific drop.

      Zeusus: Have you considered showing % health left on any mechs surviving in the end of round screen?

      A: Sounds interesting and we can look into it.

      JMcFly: Could you add each player's mech class to the ready window (when in a group)?

      A: We have a major upgrade to grouping coming with UI 2.0.

      DogmeatX: do you intend to do anything about how the matchmaker seems to still put premades on one side but not the same number/sizes on the other? If so what will you do? If not, why not?

      A: We continue to add, tune, and enhance the matchmaker. There are many combinations of matches which include a variety of team compositions. Almost every match has at least one team of 2-4 players. Keep in mind, 8-man teams are no longer matched in with the general population.

      Gameplay/Game modes/Issues

      Oy of MidWorld: Are there any plans for an optional real Team DeathMatch gamemode, without basecapping or resource collection?

      A: We’re toyed around with the idea for a while. At this point we do not feel it adds enough value and will segment the user base further.

      Aegis Kleais: The netcode improvement patch back in January, along with the Host State-Rewind (HSR) patch seems to have had a noticeable improvement on the game's hitbox registration for a lot of players, but it has done little for me.
      What are PGI's imminent plans for the netcode roadmap? Is the HSR for weapons other than lasers, machine guns, flamers next? Will there be any additional patches specifically addressing players who are still continuing to not get reliable damage application?

      A: We are currently working on ballistics, then missiles. We expect work will be finished by May.

      Hatchet Jack: Do the Dev's have any plans to address the problem of folks deleting map files so that they do not drop on certain maps that their delicate emotions just can't handle they don't like ?

      A: Yes.

      Cromwill: Are we going to see any server-side anti-aimboting measures?

      A: Yes. Though I can’t comment on the details.

      Mar Helmer: Is there any chance of making the Training Grounds into a true sandbox mode with which to freely experiment? In particular, will we be able to purchase Mech's and loadouts without actually owning the items, perhaps with the option of 'purchasing' the Mech upon exit?

      A: We’re looking at ways to bring more depth and functionality to Testing Grounds. We would like players to be able to create and test builds before buying them.

      William Denton: Are you planning to group the module-unlocks into specific skilltrees? I am thinking along the Commander/scout/attacker/defender classes you mentioned in one of your blogs.

      A: Instead of defining those roles, we leave it to players to come up with their own templates/builds and help define what they feel falls into those rolls. It’s more of sandbox approach, like MechLab.

      Kanajashi: Can we have the ability to go into the testing grounds with people in a group?

      A: This is essentially a private match, and yes we are looking at ways to offer something along these lines.

      Mao of DC: Will gravity ever effect mech movement? Highler/lower jump hights, greater/lesser max speed and the like.

      A: We have discussed adding gravity as an element, however this is very unlikely due to the server authoritative nature of our game.

      Mr Everything: Is there Plans to add a Button in the Mech lab to allow reporting BUGS easier?

      A: Nothing specifically at the moment.

      grayson marik: You said, "Private matches will be implemented, but not in a way players are probably thinking. We are still working out ways to make this feasible. No ETA." Have we ( the other league/tournament creators and me) wasted our time creating the stuff we created?

      A: We plan to create and host a variety of tournaments, challenges, and official MWO league. At this time we are not sanctioning or encouraging players to create independent leagues.

      yamishan: is there any plan to give the dummy mechs in the training grounds even a simple AI ?

      A: Maybe.

      Fooooo: Have you guys made much progress on the speed cap issues at all ? (removing / raising the artificial speed limit)

      A: We continue to improve the performance of MWO. The game is already extremely fast and we are concerned about upping the limits at this point.

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      Ist der Hotfix gestern noch aufgespielt worden ?



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